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About Independent Social Work

Independent Social Work is a consultancy service specialising in all aspects of mental health and learning disability services, treatment and care. We are able to provide consultation on all matters relating to the care and treatment of vulnerable adults, from direct clinical practice through to business redevelopment. We draw upon many years of experience, ranging from direct practice in social work, through to lecturing on University programmes. Our philosophy is grounded in the ethics and values of professional social work and our commitment to the empowerment of all individuals. We strive to empower, promote and protect the needs and interests of vulnerable people through our commitment to the highest possible standards of care. 

Ultimately we strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for the purchasers of our services.

Our clients include:

  • Local Authority - Learning and Development Services
  • Voluntary and Private Sectors
  • National Health Service
  • Mental Health Law Firms
  • Domiciliary Recruitment Care Agencies

We welcome any new enquiries and requests for our consultancy services. You can contact us for more information.