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Autism Course for AMHPs

Added on Sunday 3rd March 2013

This course is specifically designed to enable AMHPs to enhance their understanding of Autism & Asperger Syndrome. The course covers general awareness, the differences between the two conditions; improves practitioners communication skills and develops the practitioners confidence as part of the MHA assessment process. More information 

Testimonial for this course:

I attended the course on Assessment of Autism + Asperger Syndrome and the Mental Health Act on Thursday 28th February 2013. The course was held at Swallownest Court in Rotherham and was aimed at the mental health services, both AMHP’s and other service providers in the health care system who have to work with people on the spectrum.This is a two trainer course. 


I am a Community Adult Autism Nurse based in Doncaster and I work in the mental health service and I am an AMHP and I therefore thought I may ‘know it all’. I was wrong and during the course, I found the subject  matter, detail, breakdown and presentation content delivered in a manner that provided more enlightenment than I had had before. I felt that for the majority of people present who may have only had a rudimentary understanding of ASC, they came away with far more understanding of the needs of people with ASC and the fact they have mental health problems.

Examples given were relevant and interactive and served well to enable people to ‘put themselves in the shoes of those with ASC’

Discussions were relevant and pertinent and the feedback from others present was positive. People remembered what had been said.


I would recommend this course to people who have both a lot of understanding or little to no understanding of the spectrum as they will come out with far more insight.  
Ruth Doncaster